“Children who succeed in elementary school tend to do so not only because of previous academic training in subjects such as reading and writing but primarily because of their social skills. A number of recent research studies have indicated how important social development is for the child in attaining later success in school. Social development is the ability to form caring relationships with other people, to cooperate with others, to share, to listen to others, to use self-control, to pay attention, and to follow directions. These social skills develop when children attend high-quality early childhood programs – and these are the same qualities that lead to later success. It is apparent that early care and education can have a positive impact on children’s development.” (The Whole Child – Developmental Education for The Early Years – P. Weissman, J. Hendrick)

At Building Blocks, our Early Childhood Education professionals foster “caring and peaceable children” by addressing six goals to model and teach young children:

  • Value each person’s integrity (each child, each family member, each educator).
  • Reach out to people in caring ways; model altruism.
  • Respect human differences.
  • Demonstrate how to serve and care for others.
  • Engage in charitable behaviour; teach children it feels good to give.
  • Develop and express a belief in the goodness of people.

Our Mission

  • To recognize that early childhood is a critical period of human development that lays the foundation for future learning.
  • To present children with opportunities for healthy growth and development through a rich variety of learning experiences.
  • To provide quality care, nutrition, education and social and emotional growth for your child in a safe, secure and nurturing environment.
  • To support the development of the whole child: cognitively, physically, socially and emotionally.
  • To understand that “Play is the Work of Children” (Montessori) and provide an environment and programming that fosters this understanding.

Our Programs

Toddler One Program

Our Toddler One program primarily focuses on healthy social, emotional, language, cognitive and motor development. It takes some time for our new students to transition and get used to their new...


Toddler Two Program

In Toddler Two our primary focus is on fostering your child’s independence, especially potty training. While Toddler Two is the classroom that your child’s language will start to quickly progress, we...


Full Day Pre-Kindergarten Program

Practical life skills such as dressing, washing up and problem solving individually, as a group and during play are so important for building a child’s independence and self-confidence as well as...