Full Day Pre-Kindergarten Program

Senior (Full Day Pre-Kindergarten) Program Life Skills Goals:

Practical life skills such as dressing, washing up and problem solving individually, as a group and during play are so important for building a child’s independence and self-confidence as well as their emotional health and development.
Social skills are also encouraged through problem solving, supporting self-esteem, encouraging exploration and of course interactive play with teachers and classmates.

Helping a friend in need and being an example to their younger peers encourages learning the importance of social responsibility. Teachers are always working to be cognoscente of their behavior modeling skills to ensure that everything they do is a good example for their students.

The children may take part in a Show and Share project to promote confidence and literacy through presentation and oral language. Students are asked lots of questions by their peers about their project to encourage conversation and language development.

Fine motor skills are refined with crafts and bead work, more intricate puzzles, coloring and painting. Students become aficionados of their gross motor skills in our Pre-Kindergarten program as they begin to master the art of climbing, swinging, running and jumping their way through the playground!

Life skills development happens every day in almost every aspect of our classroom. It’s amazing to watch our students grow and learn through these developmental stages.

Senior (Full Day Pre-Kindergarten) Program Curriculum:

All children learn and consume information individually. Which is why at Building Blocks we ensure to incorporate several different teaching styles and philosophies for all of the busy little minds.

In our Pre-Kindergarten programs, our goals are to promote early literacy, and language development skills.

Topics of our learning circles are often child led. Learning about demographics and what and who make our community run, field trips to neighborhood parks and community partners to explore our world around us and practice safety in numbers.

Our curriculum goals are to equip our students with the language, confidence and practical skills to navigate their way through our enrichment programs and prepare them for elementary school, their academic career and into adulthood.

Full Day Pre-Kindergarten Program: (Age: 36 months – Kindergarten)
Days per week:Tuition per month:CCFRI AMOUNT:NET TUITION:
Full Time - 5 Days/week: Monday to Friday$1155.82$100.00$1055.82
Part Time - 3 Days/week: Mondays, Tuesday & Wednesdays$877.03$60.00$817.03
Part Time - 2 Days/week: Thursdays & Fridays$662.14$40.00$622.14