Toddler One Program

Toddler One Life Skills Goals:

Our Toddler One program primarily focuses on healthy social, emotional, language, cognitive and motor development. It takes some time for our new students to transition and get used to their new routines. Their Teachers initially work on building their confidence and earning their trust.

We encourage Social and Emotional Development by providing our students with nurturing, supportive and responsive care. Using consistent routines, we create a safe environment fostering trust and security. Parallel play with their peers with support from their teachers is the foundation to the goal of interactive play.

We encourage Physical Development using fine motor activities such as finger painting, board puzzles and sensory table activities and gross motor activities such as outdoor play in the playground, dancing and indoor climber play.

We encourage Intellectual Development through the use of story books and reading, singing and felt stories, rhyming and memorization activities including alphabets and counting, as well as crafts and mirror play. Offering choices and asking questions are a big part of the cognitive development framework.

We encourage Language Development through clear, simple and correct communication and conversation, singing and rhyming. Repetition, imitation, body language and gestures are also used to help promote Language Development in Infants and Toddlers.

Toddler One Curriculum:

In Toddler One, the Teachers very quickly introduce Baby Sign to encourage communication.

Singing, reading and felt board stories are so important to promote their rote memory skills.

Socialization is integral to this stage in development, as is emotional health, both are integrated in structured lessons, but especially in the child led and play-based learning components of the program.

Toddler One Program: (Age: 6 to 24 months)
Days per week:Tuition per month:CCFRI AMOUNT:NET TUITION:
Full Time - 5 Days/week: Monday to Friday$1388.17$350.00$1038.17
Part Time - 3 Days/week: Mondays, Tuesday & Wednesdays$1039.67$210.00$829.67
Part Time - 2 Days/week: Thursdays & Fridays$778.30$140.00$638.30