General Questions

Is Building Blocks Licensed?

Building Blocks Educare is a locally owned and operated, Licensed Childcare facility. As such we are held to the protocols and Standards laid out by the Provincial Child Care Licensing Regulation and monitored by Interior Health.

What Programs are available at Building Blocks?

Building Blocks Educare provides childcare to children from Birth to kindergarten age in a variety of different classroom setting ranging from infant and toddler care to full day pre-kindergarten/3-5 programming.

What is the child to teacher ratio in the classrooms?

Our Classrooms follow the Child Care Licensing Regulation regarding child to teacher ratio.

(Our Jr. Programs operate with a ratio of one teacher to every four children. Our Sr. Programs operate with a ratio of one teacher to every eight children.)

Where are your centers located?

Our campuses are located at 1605 Gordon Drive (main office location) and 1521 Sutherland Ave in beautiful Kelowna BC.

What hours is the facility open?

Building Blocks is open from 8:00 am -5:00 pm Monday through Friday.

Are there days that the facility is closed throught the year?

Building Blocks is closed on all Statutory Holidays; the week between Christmas Eve Day and New Year’s Day; as well as 2 professional development days throughout the year. These days are accounted for in our monthly tuition.


  • New Year’s Day
  • Family Day
  • March 18th Faculty Pro-D Day
  • Good Friday
  • Easter Monday (Faculty Pro-D)
  • Victoria Day
  • Canada Day
  • July 4th Faculty Pro-D Day
  • BC Day
  • Labour Day
  • BC Day of Reconciliation
  • Thanksgiving Friday (Faculty Pro-D)
  • Thanksgiving Monday
  • Remembrance Day
  • Christmas Day

Does Building Blocks have secured access?

The children’s safety is very important to us at Building Blocks. Each campus has a main, secure entrance and exit.

Once your little one is enrolled at Building Blocks you will be provided a code to enter your campus.

Anyone that does not have a code must be let in by a member of the Building Blocks Team.

Should someone come to pick a child up without the access code for the door they may be required to show photo identification upon entrance.

What are the qualifications of the staff working at Building Blocks Educare?

Building Blocks is proud to be a premier teaching facility in Kelowna – hosting practicum students from local colleges as they work under our fantastic faculty of mentors towards their License to Practice.

There are several levels of ECE Education from an Assistant to a full ECE with specializations in I/T (Infant & Toddler) and SN (Special Needs).

It is our requirement that all of our staff hold a valid License to Practice.
We also require that our staff and practicum students provide a clean criminal record check as well as complete a staff file per the Provincial Child Care Licensing Regulation monitored by Interior Health.

Student Enrollment

Do you have any spaces available?

We are currently full and waitlisting in all of our programs at both our Sutherland and Gordon Campuses. You can fill out the following Wait List Application form link (in order to get on the waitlist)

How long will it take for a space to come available?

This is a very common question from families. The answer depends on how many withdrawals we have month to month or during our yearly graduations during the Summer. August and September is when we see the most movement at Building Blocks – because of our seniors aging out and moving onto Kindergarten.

It is May now and I don’t need care until June, will you hold a spot for me?

With a sizable waitlist we cannot ever leave spaces empty. Should we offer you a space before your desired start month you can either accept the offered space early or decline and return to your spot on the waitlist.

If you decide not to accept the offered space you will not get “bumped” to the bottom of the waitlist; however, this also does not mean that you will be at the top of the waitlist either, as there may be families that declined spaces ahead of you. These families will of course remain ahead of you in the line.

Due to the unpredictable nature of the waitlist, we always encourage you to accept whatever is offered to you. Once you accept a space, you then can move to our internal waitlist via an enrollment change request to add/decrease your enrollment.

Tuition And Financials

Is there a registration fee?

A registration fee of $50.00 (per child) is required upon completion of your Wait List Application to confirm your desire to obtain an available space for your child at Building Blocks. The registration fee can be e-transferred to: with the password: Tuition.

The registration fee does not guarantee you a space, however it does place your child on the priority waitlist in order of the date you paid your registration fee – if/when a space becomes available at either Campus, for the month you have specified you require care. The registration fee is non-refundable and does not get applied to tuition.

When are the monthly fees due?

Tuition is due on or before the first of each month.

What methods of payment are accepted?

We accept e-transfer or cheque.
If postdated cheques are your preferred method of payment – you must provide cheques from January to December of the given year. (If your start date is March, please provide cheques from March – December, and so on.)

E-Transfer on the 1st of each month is preferred. Please email to: using the Password: Tuition.

What are your rates?

Monthly tuition includes all sick days, statutory holidays and vacation time. Fees are based on enrolled days not attendance. Tuition is calculated for the year and averaged by the month. Refunds and credits will not be given for days where your child does not attend. Rates are subject to change. January 1st of each year there is a 2% Cost Of Living Allowance increase.

Toddler One Program: (Age: 6 to 24 months)
Days per week: Tuition per month: CCFRI AMOUNT: NET TUITION:
Full Time – 5 Days/week: Monday to Friday $1388.17 $350.00 $1038.17
Part Time – 3 Days/week: Mondays, Tuesday & Wednesdays $1039.67 $210.00 $829.67
Part Time – 2 Days/week: Thursdays & Fridays $778.30 $140.00 $638.30
Toddler Two Program: (Age: 18 – 36 months)
Days per week: Tuition per month: CCFRI AMOUNT: NET TUITION:
Full Time – 5 Days/week: Monday to Friday $1388.17 $350.00 $1038.17
Part Time – 3 Days/week: Mondays, Tuesday & Wednesdays $1039.67 $210.00 $829.67
Part Time – 2 Days/week: Thursdays & Fridays $778.30 $140.00 $638.30
Full Day Pre-Kindergarten Program: (Age: 36 months – Kindergarten)
Days per week: Tuition per month: CCFRI AMOUNT: NET TUITION:
Full Time – 5 Days/week: Monday to Friday $1155.82 $100.00 $1055.82
Part Time – 3 Days/week: Mondays, Tuesday & Wednesdays $877.03 $60.00 $817.03
Part Time – 2 Days/week: Thursdays & Fridays $662.14 $40.00 $622.14

What does tuition include?

Tuition includes your full or part time space at Building Blocks as well as snacks and meals from our nutrition program created and implemented by our in-house Chef. Please see our Family Handbook for more information about our nutrition program and sample menus.

How do I apply for government childcare subsidy?

It is entirely your responsibility to set up and maintain your Subsidy Account. We have no access to your account until the Claim has been Approved and a Case ID number issued (and provided to us).

You can set up and manage your subsidy information at;

Has Building Blocks Educare opted in to the Government Parent Fee Reduction Initiative?

Building Blocks has opted into the PFRI. Please see our fee schedule for more information on current rates and PRFI amounts. Please note that the Parent Fee Reduction Initiative is something that ALL families qualify for and there is no need for you to apply or sign up for anything, we do all the paper work on our end.

Policies And Operations

What do I do if I no longer require care?

Building Blocks operates on a monthly enrollment schedule – from the 1st until the last day of each month. If you would like to remove your child from our program, we require at least one month written notice via email. Notice cannot not be given part way through a month – there is no partial month enrollment.

If my family is going away, do I still need to pay our tuition while we are away?

Full-time and part-time tuition is based on enrolment, not attendance, therefore parents are responsible for tuition whether their child attends or not. (This includes sick days, statutory holidays and vacation time.)

Is there an option to drop off early or pickup late?

Our hours of operation are not flexible, we can only provide care between the hours of 8:00 am and 5:00pm.

What happens if my child gets ill?

Parents agree that a child who is ill (eg. vomiting, communicable disease, skin rash or any type of contagious illness) will be kept at home to protect the well-being of all of the children in our care and their families. Parents also agree that should a child become ill while in care, immediate arrangements will be made to remove the child from the daycare. Contagious children will not be allowed to return to daycare until they have been contagious symptom free for at least 24 hours.

In the event of a communicable disease or skin rash, a Doctor’s note is required for their safe return to care to be sure they are not a risk to the other children. The Doctor must specify when the child can return to daycare on the note.

It is our intention to remain consistent and minimize the spread of illness by having you seek the professional opinion of a Doctor. If you are ever in doubt, a Doctor’s note will ensure your child can attend Building Blocks without issue as they can assess each child on a case by case basis. This will also reassure you that the students that are in your child’s class be held to the same policy. Minimizing the risk of your child contracting a contagious illness as much as possible. A small inconvenience now can help us minimize parents from missing work due to illness in the long run.

My child has an allergy and needs an epi-pen, are your staff trained to administer this type of medication?

When Building Blocks Teachers go through their orientation process (before their first day working with the children) they are provided Epi-Pen training via a test Epi-Pen to ensure that ALL team members know how to handle an Epi-Pen in the case of an allergic reaction. Please note, that like any medication, the Epi-Pen must be provided by the family and a medication administration form must be completed should we have to keep an Epi-Pen on hand for any child.

How does Building Blocks ensure only certain people have access to my child?

Parents MUST notify the daycare if an unauthorized person will be picking up your child. Written permission must be received before we will release a child to anyone who is not authorized on the registration form. Photo identification will be required.

May I, or a relative, come see my child at any time?

We do have an open-door policy at Building Blocks, however it is important to remember that visits can sometimes upset the child visited or the other children in the classroom. Sometimes, having to say goodbye to a family member two or three times in a day can be very tough. We welcome our families to openly communicate with their teaching team should they wish to come in for visits during the day, or if a relative wishes to pop in for a hug or visit.

Do I need to complete a waitlist application and go back on the waitlist when it is time for my child to graduate into the next classroom?

Before any children can graduate from a program – a space must first become available in the next program. When a space becomes available in the next program the Lead Teachers along with our Management Team assess which students are candidates for the space based on the days they are enrolled. Next, they will determine which of these students is ready to graduate.

We offer enrollment into the Infant/Toddler Program (Group Child Care under 36 months) or into the Pre-Kindergarten (senior) Programs (Group Child Care over 30 months).

Internal graduation from an Infant/Toddler program to a Pre-Kindergarten (Senior) program is always prioritized but cannot be guaranteed as we have to wait for a spot to open up if classrooms are fully enrolled. Due to licensing regulations, a child cannot be offered care in an Infant/Toddler classroom past their 36th month. If a child ages out of an I/T program before a space becomes available in a Pre-Kindergarten program, they will be placed back on our waitlist with the highest priority. You will be given a month’s notice if a space is not available. Please note this would be in a very rare occurrence as we work hard to ensure that this situation does not happen but cannot guarantee it. We are including this in our policy because it could happen in a very extenuating circumstance – but we have many measures in place to reduce the likelihood.

Lateral moves can happen anytime between classrooms in the same age group. These moves may be necessary to balance classroom structure, classroom management, due to parent’s requests, and to ensure that students get a change of scenery and opportunity to experience other environments and teaching styles. Expect the possibility of a classroom switch at least once per year. These also help to get students used to transitions so they are not in the same class for 2 to 3 years and aligns with the school system procedures.

My child has special needs, will Building Blocks Educare still provide care?

Inclusion at Building Blocks means children of all abilities have equal access to and participate meaningfully in our program. When children are together as part of the group, their development is enhanced, and positive social attitudes are fostered. Our Teachers are responsive to the individual abilities and needs of e-ach child. Opportunities are provided for all children to learn through play with their peers, this may require behavioral and sometimes even one to one support. Children may need support to reduce or eliminate barriers, so they can learn and fully engage in experiences with their peers. Adaptations and strategies are specific to each child. For example, Teachers can make paint brush handles thicker with masking tape, so they are easier to manipulate, modify a chair to fit a specific child to sit at the snack table or change a routine to make transitions more positive. A child with additional support needs is a child who has a physical or cognitive disability or a behavioral or emotional delay; and needs additional accommodation or support to meaningfully participate in the program at Building Blocks. Genuine inclusion ensures active, meaningful participation by every child in the daily program and with one another. How this occurs will be different for each child, based on individual abilities and needs. All children should be valued, have friends and feel they belong.

  • We respect and value input from parents and encourage them to be part of the decision-making process for their child.
  • We support families by consulting with early intervention professionals.
  • We work with parents and professionals who have valuable knowledge and expertise to share with us and each other.
  • We receive professional development in current areas of child development, research, theory and practice.

If your child requires support an Individual Education Plan (IEP) will be implemented using an ASQ (Ages and Stages Questionnaire) and explained to you in a meeting with your Lead Teacher. Should a support worker not be available, there may be instances that your child cannot attend Building Blocks depending on their needs. This is for the success of your child and the rest of the children in the program. If you have access to appoint a trained support worker, this will be outlined in your ICP.
There are no refunds for days your child cannot attend due to the unavailability of support.

How are parents informed of their child’s progress and development?

At Building Blocks, we implement Individual Education Plans. IEPs include the use of Ages & Stages Questionnaires to support the growth and development of each student. Your Lead Teacher and our Program Manager will meet with you to discuss the results of your child’s IEP as necessary.