Toddler Two Program

Toddler Two Life Skills Goals:

In Toddler Two our primary focus is on fostering your child’s independence, especially potty training. While Toddler Two is the classroom that your child’s language will start to quickly progress, we focus on having the children use their words when asking for help or when they are upset or in conflict.

Other important life skills include having your child put on and take off their own shoes, jackets, socks, pants, shirts, etc. Learning to share and take turns, as well as understanding empathy and other people’s emotions is also a very important aspect of Toddler Two. Please help us by encouraging independence and practicing these skills at home as well.

We encourage Social and Emotional Development by providing our students with nurturing, supportive and responsive care. Using consistent routines, we create a safe environment nurturing trust and security. Parallel play with their peers with support from their teachers is the foundation to the goal of interactive play.

We encourage Physical Development using fine motor activities such as finger painting, board puzzles and sensory table activities and gross motor activities such as outdoor play in the playground, dancing and indoor climber play.

We encourage Intellectual Development through the use of story books and reading, singing and felt stories, rhyming and memorization activities including alphabets and counting, as well as crafts and mirror play. Offering choices and asking questions are a big part of cognitive development and the Early Learning Framework.

We encourage Language Development through clear, simple and correct communication and conversation, singing and rhyming. Repetition, imitation, body language and gestures are also used to help promote Language Development in Infants and Toddlers.

Toddler Two Curriculum:

Our curriculum approach in Toddler Two is hands on and play based. We like to explore our senses with different art activities based on our educational theme of the week. We sing many number, alphabet and theme related songs before each meal that we have together and throughout the day and stories are read at our lunchtime circle.

Our program is designed to prepare the children for their transition into Classroom Three and the pre-school program.

Toddler Two Program: (Age: 18 – 36 months)
Days per week:Tuition per month:CCFRI AMOUNT:NET TUITION:
Full Time - 5 Days/week: Monday to Friday$1360.95$350.00$1010.95
Part Time - 3 Days/week: Mondays, Tuesday & Wednesdays$1019.28$210.00$809.28
Part Time - 2 Days/week: Thursdays & Fridays$763.04$140.00$623.04